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Img41.jpg  Using Crystal Energy Technology


As so often happens with some of man's greatest discoveries, they happen by chance or accident.

So is the case of our Samson's Hair Strength Enhancing Bands.


     There are many uses for the Samson's Hair Strength Enhancing Bands besides helping with strength. As time goes by and more of the Samson's Hair Bands are used, the more we learn about the benefits people receive from Samson's Hair Bands.

     The original purpose of the design of the Samson's Hair  Bands was the increase in strength with people in lifting of weights.  Since then we have gotten numerous testimonials from people who have received help with pain by using the Samson's Hair Bands.  We also have reports from people with broken bones who have had an appearance of their bones mending faster with the use of the Samson's Hair Bands.

     Samson's Hair Bands have been used with treating drinking water for people.    People have commented on how it seems to give the water a difference taste and a more vital feeling to the water.  Many of our people using Samson's Hair Wrist Bands for their weight training are also using the bands for their workout water before they workout.

     We have one customer whose gray hair has started to change back to it's original color since he has been drinking Samson's Hair charged water.  We have other people trying this now also.  Only time will tell how many people this will help with the graying hair.

     The Samson's Hair Strength Bands have also been used for people to help with their meditative state.  Many have reported that they can go deeper into meditation with the Bands on.


     Our Samson's Hair Bands are made from some of the best and most powerful Rare Earth Magnets available.  Each band has a Rare Earth Magnet that is over 12,000 gauss.  When you receive your bands you will see how powerful they are.  You should not let children play with them, they could hurt themselves.

     Each band is made so the Magnet can be detached so the band can be washed if needed.  They are also made so there won't be any accident as to which pole of the magnet you use.  You want to use the positive or north pole.

     Our Magnets are also encased with specially charged Laminar Crystal.  This may account for some of the amazing results people are getting from using the Samson's Hair Bands.

     The increase in strength from the very first time these bands are used has many people shaking their head trying to understand what is happening, but all the while they are very excited because they can see the results from the first use.

     People are also amazed by the relief of pain they seem to get from using the Samson's Hair Bands.  We will enclose with each set of Samson's Hair Bands directions of how other people are using them to treat water, meditation, and for pain.  We ask that you keep us informed of the things you experience with using these bands.


Comments from just a few of the people who have used the Samson's Hair Bands.


It is amazing how much more I was able to lift from the first time I put the bands on.  Jeff L, Sherman, TX

My workouts have gone to a different level since using the Samson's Hair Bands.  Jim K.  Denison, TX

I lifted a weight that I have only been able to get two reps at that weight at the best.  With the Samson's Hair Bands I was able to get five reps, it is amazing.  Gary H, OKC, OK

The amount of weight I can lift has increased with the use of the SHB"s that it would be hard to believe, IF I wasn't using them and seeing the results.   Don W, Mt. Laurel, NJ

I have used the Samson's Hair Bands on areas that I have had soreness and pain.  It is amazing how with just a few minutes the pain seems to lessen and even disappear.  Rose M, Fayetteville, AR

I am using the Samson's Hair Bands during my meditations and it helps me to to a deeper level.  Can't wait to get the Third Eye Meditation Band.  Thanks for such a great product.  Jenny S, Gatlinburg, TN

I have been using my Samson's Hair Bands to charge my drinking water.  It is amazing how much more alive and refreshing the water seems after putting the bands around the bottle of water for just a little while.  They are also great in increasing my strength when working out.  Tommy H , Riverbank, CA


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