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Some things are called Mystical and some things are called Miracles. We believe the following should be included on the Mystical Miracles page. Edgar Cayce has provided miracle cures for people that had lost any hope. Infinite has amazed many in the many different ways it has offered healing for people and the peace many get just by holding it. Reconnective Healing is an extraordinary healing frequency that have been introduced to the world by Dr. Eric Pearl. We have a Reconnective Healing Practitioner and The Reconnection Practitioner on staff that has been personally instructed in the facilitation of these extraordinary healing frequencies. Emu Oil is an amazing product that is one of the greatest untapped mysteries that the world is only now discovering. Laboratory tests have shown the the phospholipid content of Emu Oil matches that of human skin. Our skin recognizes the harmony and literally opens up and allows the Emu Oil to penetrate deep in the layers of the epidermis, carrying with it natural anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Research as shown that Emu Oil is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and is non-comedogenic. Our premium grade Velvet Antler is one of the ultimate dietary supplements to promote wellness and vitality. Known to Oriental physicians as a superb health and energy tonic for the past 2,000 years, Velvet Antler is rapidly emerging as one of the most amazing breakthroughs in natural medicine. Based on the principle of Yin and Yang, Velvet Anter is used to bring the body into balance.

Every time a Miracle happens, it threatens the people in power. Whether it is the Pharmaceutial companies, the Politicians, the Leader or Power people of the Churches, the Medical profession, or the Legal profession, they fear Miracles. People get or keep their power by knowing something you don't know, or by offering to provide you with something that you think only they can provide. People get or keep their power by appearing to know the answers to the questions.

Miracles can not be explained, this scares the people in power. It shows them as not having the answer to everything or not knowing everything. Miracles put the power people on a level playing field with everyone else. Have you ever noticed how people in power tries to explain away Miracles? If they can't explain it or don't understand it, then there is nothing to it. Do these people get a God Complex where they think they have all the answers and if they don't then there isn't one?

 I feel like the medical profession is one of the worse offenders of the God Complex. So many feel and act like they are God. If they don't understand it and they have done all they can do, then you are going to die, if they can't help you then there is no hope. How many of you have seen an action like that. If you try something they can't explain then you are crazy for trying. Yet you see people who walk away from the death sentence of Dr. God and look for a Miracle and find it. Doctors are only human, they make mistakes and they don't know everything. They can do some wonderful things and many do, but what about the ones that issue a death sentence and take any kind of hope away from people? Why, because they have done every thing they know to do and their ego won't let them believe that something they don't understand might be able to cause a Miracle when they couldn't.

Edgar Cayce and the Edgar Cayce Readings


Edgar Cayce (The Sleeping Prophet)

Edgar Cayce has been called the father of the modern-day holistic health movement, and his physical readings continue to be studied by physicians to determine if the material given for specific individuals years ago can be used today to help those who suffer from similar conditions.  The principles of health and healing in the Edgar Cayce readings are that the balance of body, mind, and soul are so closely intertwined that the dis-ease of any of these three aspects will also affect the other two.

                                                      Inner Healing

     All healing comes from within.  Our bodies have the inherent ability and inclination to be healthy.  Therapeutic intervention work best by assisting the processes of innate healing.

     Some approaches to healing ignore this principle and promote the practitioner or modality as the source of healing.  To be sure, some treatments can seem to provide dramatic outcomes.  Yet, without the healing response from within, a flawless surgery will ultimately result in the patient bleeding to death.  The most highly touted pills, whether from a major pharmaceutical company or your local health food store, can at best only stimulate or awaken the inner healing response.  Without the inner healing impulse, these chemicals only become a dross on the system.

     Therefore, when you choose a practitioner or treatment modality, look for that understated quality of humbleness that acknowledges the power of inner healing and the willingness to cooperate with the physician within.

     Nature cures is the basis for many healing systems as it is for the Cayce approach.  Since nature is an exression of the divine (as is the body), this principle is closely linked to holism and inner healing.

     Although almost any modality can assist the inner healing response, some therapies do have an inherent advantage in this regard.  In this context, "natural" usually translates as simple and unprocessed, whether it be foods or medicines.  Pills don't grow on trees or bushes, nor do they sprout from the ground.  Oils that are derived by cold-pressing are preferable to chemical extraction, and so forth.

     The ability of Edgar Cayce to give detailed information on any subject while in a trance is a startling phenomenon in itself.  Though he had no medical training, he could not only diagnose ailments that orthodox doctors had failed to diagnose, but could also prescribe proper remedies.

     For more than forty years the "Sleeping Prophet" closed his eyes, entered an altered state of consciousness, and spoke to the very heart and spirit of mankind on subjects such as health, healing, dreams, meditation, and reincarnation.  His more than 14,000 readings are preserved at the Association for Research and Enlightenment.

     We have in our Seek Products section products that are an exact duplication of a formula originally given by Edgar Cayce and also products recommended Edgar Cayce or based on his concepts.  Edgar Cayce, America's Most Famous Mystic.                                         







As so often happens with some of man's greatest discoveries, they happen by chance or accident.

So is the case of our Samson's Hair Strength Enhancing Bands.


     There are many uses for the Samson's Hair Strength Enhancing Bands besides helping with strength. As time goes by and more of the Samson's Hair Bands are used, the more we learn about the benefits people receive from Samson's Hair Bands.

     The original purpose of the design of the Samson's Hair  Bands was the increase in strength with people in lifting of weights.  Since then we have gotten numerous testimonials from people who have received help with pain by using the Samson's Hair Bands.  We also have reports from people with broken bones who have had an appearance of their bones mending faster with the use of the Samson's Hair Bands.

     Samson's Hair Bands have been used with treating drinking water for people.    People have commented on how it seems to give the water a difference taste and a more vital feeling to the water.  Many of our people using Samson's Hair Wrist Bands for their weight training are also using the bands for their workout water before they workout.

     We have one customer whose gray hair has started to change back to it's original color since he has been drinking Samson's Hair charged water.  We have other people trying this now also.  Only time will tell how many people this will help with the graying hair.

     The Samson's Hair Strength Bands have also been used for people to help with their meditative state.  Many have reported that they can go deeper into meditation with the Bands on.


     Our Samson's Hair Bands are made from some of the best and most powerful Rare Earth Magnets available.  Each band has a Rare Earth Magnet that is over 12,000 gauss.  When you receive your bands you will see how powerful they are.  You should not let children play with them, they could hurt themselves.

     Each band is made so the Magnet can be detached so the band can be washed if needed.  They are also made so there won't be any accident as to which pole of the magnet you use.  You want to use the positive or north pole.

     Our Magnets are also encased with specially charged Laminar Crystal.  This may account for some of the amazing results people are getting from using the Samson's Hair Bands.

     The increase in strength from the very first time these bands are used has many people shaking their head trying to understand what is happening, but all the while they are very excited because they can see the results from the first use.

     People are also amazed by the relief of pain they seem to get from using the Samson's Hair Bands.  We will enclose with each set of Samson's Hair Bands directions of how other people are using them to treat water, meditation, and for pain.  We ask that you keep us informed of the things you experience with using these bands.


Comments from just a few of the people who have used the Samson's Hair Bands.


It is amazing how much more I was able to lift from the first time I put the bands on.  Jeff L, Sherman, TX

My workouts have gone to a different level since using the Samson's Hair Bands.  Jim K.  Denison, TX

I lifted a weight that I have only been able to get two reps at that weight at the best.  With the Samson's Hair Bands I was able to get five reps, it is amazing.  Gary H, OKC, OK

The amount of weight I can lift has increased with the use of the SHB"s that it would be hard to believe, IF I wasn't using them and seeing the results.   Don W, Mt. Laurel, NJ

I have used the Samson's Hair Bands on areas that I have had soreness and pain.  It is amazing how with just a few minutes the pain seems to lessen and even disappear.  Rose M, Fayetteville, AR

I am using the Samson's Hair Bands during my meditations and it helps me to to a deeper level.  Can't wait to get the Third Eye Meditation Band.  Thanks for such a great product.  Jenny S, Gatlinburg, TN

I have been using my Samson's Hair Bands to charge my drinking water.  It is amazing how much more alive and refreshing the water seems after putting the bands around the bottle of water for just a little while.  They are also great in increasing my strength when working out.  Tommy H , Riverbank, CA



INFINITE The Healers Stone



INFINITE, The Healer's Stone comes only from South Africa.  It has such a great energy about it.  If you are drawn to it you will find yourself not wanting to put it down.  The best way I can desribe it is you feel like Home in a very good way.  Any illness we manifest in our bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), will be sought out by Infinite's loving, angelic energy.  Infinite imparts strength through gentleness and tenderness.  Infinite will give a soft touch that often succeeds where a strong-and-powerful stone's breakthrough techniques will not work on an energy barrier.  It softens the pathway for the raising of the Kundalini, and clears clouded chakras.  Infinite helps to evolve one's sense of self-control, allowing one to release control over others in order to better maintain control over one's own life.  It is an enhancement to the meditative state.  Infinite is one of the great stones for self healing.  This stone has the universality, which is the energy of conscious connectedness of brotherhood.  Under usual circumstances, universality is an essence granted by spirit to anyone who is open to it.  It attunes to all the chakras and as it does it transmutes negative energies with a loving angelic energy.  Many use it for the relief of pain, using it to massage the areas of concern.  If you have a healing practice it is great to have some in your office.  To watch people respond to Infinite when we are at a show and they pick it up is a very wonderful thing.  This is a GREAT STONE!

INFINITE  The Healers Stone

Comments from users of Infinite:

"Now for my experience with Infinite.  It's wonderful!  I had a friend over one day, he has had cancer two of which Doctors have gotten rid of.  But the one in his lung is still alive, so he gasps for air when he talks.  When he got up to leave and touched the door was the first time he had to gasp for air.  He had been setting by my crystals the whole time we were visiting!!  I gave him one of my Infinite and he has been able to breath without gasping.  He carries it with him everywhere he goes."

"I had a sinus headache tonight, so I place the Infinite Stone on one of the painful spots in my face, and it immediately started loosening the blocked energy.  It's a treasure!"

"I have two bulging discs in my lower back, so I ordered several Infinite to try.  I will not go to sleep without my new stone .  I lay on it, right over the hurt discs and can sleep and wake up with very little pain.  I used to get out of bed hurting, and now I hardly hurt first thing in the morning.  These are amazing stones."



 The Australian Aborigines have been using Emu Oil for thousands of years. They found the oil to have great anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Emu Oil actually reverses the aging process! As we age our skin begins to thin. Emu oil thickens the skin and stimulates skin-cell regeneration. In a study completed by the Boston university of Medicine it was found that skin treated with Emu Oil became 2 to 4 times thicker in just 4 to 6 weeks. Their conclusions was that Emu oil helps thinning skin 75% better than any other products currently available in this market. Arthritis, muscle and joint pain and swelling can make any movement torture. Emu Oil's natural ability to help these conditions has been proven by medical research. In a study performed by Dr. Michael Whitehouse and Dr. Peter Ghosh, leading experts on the evaluation and developments of new anti-arthritis treatments in Australia, proved positive that Emu Oil does eliminate pain and inflammation in their patients. Another study conducted by Dr. Thom Leahey of Arthritis Clinics in Ardmore, OK stated "The dramatic results I have observed convinced me that this oil can make an impact on those suffering from arthritis." Emu Oil is a superb moisturizer and is unsurpassed for it's ability to alleviate dry irritated skin. In a quote from Mark potter, president of Atlantis Laboratory he states, "Out of the 3,000 to 4,000 chemicals or so that I work with or know about, Emu oil is my premier emollient." Apply directly to dry skin or to wet skin just after showering or cleansing the face. Gently pat dry to allow the oil to penetrate. Emu Oil may be mixed with your favorite creams and lotions to enhance them. Emu Oil was the unanimous favorite in a recent burn study conducted at the Timothy J. Harman Burn Center at Texas Tech university. Emu Oil provided adequate lubrication, aiding the healing process by providing moisture. Inflammation in burn wounds causes scar tissue to form. There was unanimous difference noted in the reduction of scarring and inflammation with Emu Oil use. Many have found fantastic results by using Emu Oil on their sunburns, welding burns and radiation burns. Cancer Specialist, Dr. Donsbach is researching Emu oil for the treatment of cancer. There is some amazing results. Many professional sposts teams and athletes are praising Emu Oil. Use Emu Oil before and after your workout too. It warms the muscles and joints, helping to prevent injuries. Dr. Norm Shealy of the Shealy Institute of Health recommends Emu Oil. He states, "Everyone should have and use Emu Oil." Because Emu oil penetrates so well, it has the ability to carry other ingredients much deeper than by themselves. Allen Strickland, registered pharmacist and compoounder, states that normally when you have one ingredient with another ingredient you get two. With Emu Oil and another ingredient you get four. In other words, Emu oil triples or quadruples the effect of the other ingredient.The EMU OIL we sale is organic , all natural EMU OIL that uses Emu Oil processing that preserves all the beneficial properties. Our Oil has no odor and is highly penetrating.
Velvet Antler
 The ultimate dietary supplement to promote wellness and vitality. The Velvet Antler we sell is 100% Whole Velvet Antler, (there is a difference). Velvet Antler is becoming one ofthe fastest growing dietary supplements in the United States. It has been used as a general health tonic in Asia for over 2,000 years. Velvet Antler has a proven track record, through clinical studies and thousands of testimonials, for rebuilding joint cartilage. It conatins a natural blend of glucosamine sulfate and chondroitan sulfate, two of the leading compounds for joints. However, Velvet Antler also contains important amounts of calcium, proteins, collagen, phosphorus, growth factors, and other compounds that help build cartilage. Velvet Antler, an all-natural dietary supplement, is gaining acceptance as an important aid for women threatened with the devastating effects of osteoporosis. Its blend of 40 essential compounds helps increase bone mass while simultaneously boosting energy levels required for workouts.



Reconnective Healing


Img104.jpg                                                eric-pearl.jpg

Most of us have been taught to view healing purely on a physical level, where symptoms are cured through surgery or chemicals or both. As time goes by we are starting to realize that we are more then just our physical bodies. We are body, mind, and spirit. All three aspects must be in balance for overall well being as Edgar Cayce taught us in his readings of over 50 years ago. In addition to the disappearance of physical symptoms, healing can and often does take many forms that are not thought of in the tradional way as healing. These forms can be so subtle that they aren't recognized until much later. Healing can be a release of a long held fear or it can be a greater insight and clarity about an issue that is troublesome. It can be improved relationships or things finally falling into place. It may be something as simple as realizing that life is more enjoyable and we then approach each day with a renewed sense of adventure. A session of Reconnective Healing(R) is often a life-changing experience utilizing new frequencies to allow for the healing of the body, mind and spirit. There are many forms of energy healing in use at this time. This is different than Reiki, Johrei, Qi Gong or ANY healing technique you've ever encountered. This is beyond technique! These highly palpable energies are initiated by your Reconnective Healing Practitioner(R) at the start of your session and continue working with you long after your visit has ended. Through your participation in these sessions, you will be forever changed, operating at, attuned to another frequency.

"If you're lucky, your healing will come in the form you anticipate. If you're really lucky, your healing will come in a form you've not even dreamed of - one which the Universe specifically has in mind for you." - Eric Pearl  

Reconnective Healing is a process of bringing in "NEW" axiatonal lines which enable us with unique vibratory levels and frequencies for healing evolution.

 For a Reconnective Healing Practitioner who believes we should never give up the hope of healing and who cares about the people he gives sessions to, please click here:www.handofhealing.com













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