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         Where Does The Magic Come From?



                Mystical Miracles At The Celestine Moon







     There are many places on this earth where there are things that can only b e explained as mysterious or mysteries.  By chance or was it, I found such a place.   A place of peace that you can feel when you are there.  A place of wonder as you experience the special water in this mystical area.

     The water from this special area of the world appears to have a special energy about it.  It seems to be a special vital water that you can feel when you drink it, and it is so good.  Also when you use it in making Energy Tools or Energy Oils and Waters it seems to have a more powerful influence.

     This creek is in a very special part of the world.  When you are in this area you just as well throw your cell phone away.  It won't work here.  But when you are in this area you have such a feeling of peace and hope that you will think if only the rest of the world felt the way this place feels or makes you feel.

     In time we will share more information about this special area and water.  The picture at the top of this page is a link to the secret of this magic area.  More on this in due time.



















The more we study and have experience with Mystic Creek Sacred Water, the more awe we feel for it.  It is the best tasting water you will find anywhere.  Because of the area where this creek flows and the terrain it is in, I believe that is where much of its power comes from.  It is a Mystical Place that you can feel as soon as you step into the area.  There is much crystal around the area and I feel like that has something to do with the power.  It feels almost like a Sacred Place.  We have been doing some studies with different kinds and types of water.  I really feel like we may be selling the power of water short.

We have started some plants from seed using only the same water for each plant.  There was 32 types of water used in this study we are going to show you some pictures of.  The growth of the plants were about the same on all of the plants except 3.  To start them they were started in individual grower starter kits with domes.  The same soil was used and the only thing used was the individual different types of water.   The plants was left covered with the domes longer then you would normally leave such plants.  But I wanted these at the start to only be influenced by they type of water that was put on them and the condensation from it.  They were not fed anything for a longer period of time then it calls for when starting plants.  Again wanting to see the impact the different types of water had on the plants at the beginning.

When the feeding of the plants begun it was the same type and amount for each plant.  Again the other difference was the water used for each plant.  We will show you pictures of 5 plants here.  There were all started at the same time, and same conditions.  The only difference is the water used.  The two largest plants broke ground first before the other 30 plants.  But the seeds were planted at the same time.  The 3rd or middle plant and the two plants to the right of it actually broke ground the very same day.  All plants in the pictures have their combs forming.  The two smallest may be hard to see in the pictures, but they are there.

The first plant starting from left to right was using Mystic Creek Sacred Crystal Water.

The second plant was using The Water Of Grace.

The third plant was using Indian Healing Spring Sacred Water.

The fourth and fifth plants were similar in size and progress as the other 27 plants so don't feel there is a need to show all of them.  Also don't feel like we should name the waters used in these plants.  Some of these waters may be fine but in this test this is how it turned out.  We don't want to give the impression we are trying to trash some type of water, we are only trying to show what is really good.


Img50.png          Img52.png


2plants.png           3smallestplants.png



Plant Grown With Mytic Creek Crystal Water

What I find amazing with the plant using the Mystic Creek Sacred Crystal Water is the amount of Combs it is forming.  Every other plant is only forming one comb, as they normally do.  But the Mystic Creek Crystal Water plant is continually forming new combs.  As I write this September 9, 2005, it has 12 combs forming. You can't see all of them in the picture as they are on all sides of the plant.

People who come in contact with the Crystal Water attest to the power  in it.  It is being used in making energy tools and that process appears to be showing amazing results also.  There is something to this water that is very special.  We will be sharing more with you later on as results come in.


The following pictures were taken on September 17, 2005, eight days from the last pictures.  The plant grown with the Mystic Creek Crystal Water now has 17 combs forming.  It is hard to get a picture so you can see them all because they are on all sides of the plant and some are very small and just forming.


5plants09172005.png                         5plants091720052ndpic.png


3largestplants09172005.png                         3smallestplants09172995.png




Plant Grown With Mystic Creek Crystal Water  17 Combs



The following pictures were taken on September 23, 2005, six days from the last pictures.  The plant grown with the Mystic Creek Crystal Water now has 19 combs forming.  It is hard to get a picture so you can see them all because they are on all sides of the plant and some are very small and just forming.



5plants09232005.png                                  5plantsangle09232005.png


3largeplants09232005.png                                 2smallplants09232005.png




Plant Grown With Mystic Creek Crystal Water 19  Combs




       The Mystery Of The Mystical Galaxy











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