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                                        Sites of Interest 

                                         Bible Prophecy concerning the Rapture, Tribulation, The Last Days, Armageddon and the Blood Red Moon



 One of our missions is to give people hope and to introduce them to things that may help them or give them hope. Many of the sites that we will list here are sites that may give you pause and give you things to think about. We appreciate your business and your patronage helps us in our effort to keep on adding information that may help and benefit you. Knowledge is one of the keys to power. The ones in power don't want to lose that power. Not now nor in the years past. To keep knowledge away from people is a way for the people in power to keep that power. They want to be able to tell you what they feel you need to know and nothing more. What they feel you need to know is only enough to keep you under their thumb. Things that might show you that you are so much more powerful then you realize, are the things the people in power try to discredit. Anything that threatens to take the power away from them and give it to you will be discredited. It is the only way they can survive. It is not what is best for the people, but what is best for the people in power. There is so much knowledge that we have the right to know about. Trust in YOUR inner self as to what sounds or feels right to you. There may be things you aren't ready for yet, but make that decision on your inner self, not because someone tries to discredit something. I hope you will find these sites interesting. 





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    A great site if you are interested in the power and importance of water.  To go to this site: Click Here


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