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All Laminar Crystal is not created equal.  As much as some would like you to think that it is.   These same people would like you to think that  if a product has Laminar Crystal in it, it is equal to other products.  This is NOT the case .  We will be sharing with you the True story behind Laminar Crystal.  



   If you would ask a person who is responsible  for the fact that we have AC electricity in our homes, most would say Thomas Edison.  From what we were taught in school why would they think anything different?   The facts are that the person responsible for AC electricity in our homes was Nikola Tesla.  All present day polyphase systems stem from Tesla's genius!  This was the case  (because of the circumstances)  that one person gets far more credit then they deserve or truly had a part in.  And another person doesn't get the credit that they deserve for work they did.

Here is where the Laminar Crystal story runs a parallel to the Tesla story.  You have the brilliance of Tesla who did most of the major work and discoveries.  Then you have a person who doesn't have the input in the creation of something, but because of the circumstance they get the credit that they don't deserve.

Laminar Crystal was brought to the public by James Blanchard Carter.  As much as he would have wanted  you to think different that was his main connection with Laminar Crystal.  He would have wanted you to think he had more to do with it then that.  As would the people trying to make the money with him in their deception.

The facts of the story of Laminar Crystal are much different then what some have spun and they HAVE spun it and are still spinning it.

The Master Of The Crystal is Rochelle Clehr Hirschlor.  When she first encountered Laminar Crystal she felt a strong connection to the material.  It was The Master Of The Crystal who told JBC how important it was and the great potential that it had.  JBC actually had a problem being around the Laminar Crystal. 

The Master Of The Crystal obtained the "ARTIFACT" written about in the book "Holy Water, Sacred Oil - The Fountain Of Youth.  She has never given up possession of it since that time.

Shortly after obtaining the "ARTIFACT" she began channeling information and having visions.  Visions that came to pass once she followed the information.  The information that was being channeled was much like the information that came to Dr. Eric Scott Pearl through channeled information and visions others had.  Dr. Pearl  an internationally recognized healer, is the acknowledged instrument through which The Reconnection (TM)  unfolded and was being introduced to the world.

With this information The Master Of The Crystal was receiving it was like a new door of knowledge was being opened to her.  Much like Edgar Cayce's Akashic Records that he accessed when he gave his readings.  Read some of his history and you will be amazed at much of the information he provided and how he did it.  She was accessing  information that gave her a knowing that couldn't be explained but that was proven correct when the informantion was followed through on.

She attempted to help JBC with the type of Laminar Crystal that should be used.  He in his quest to make as much money as fast as he could wanted to try to use an inferior type of Laminar Crystal.  The Master Of The Crystal told him that using the wrong crystal would take away from the special things that were happening with the correct type of Laminar Crystal.  JB C was more concerned with profit.  After seeing more of his actions that weren't of proper intent she stopped assisting JBC.

The Laminar Crystal Energy Tools were created by The Master Of The Crystal and The Master Of The Crystal alone.  She did not share her formulas or the process used in creating the Energy Tools with anyone.  Many of her Energy Tools that were in JBC's company possession were sold without her permission and she was never compensated for them.

After seeing the wonderful results from people using the Laminar Crystal Energy Tools, JBC and other's attempted to copy the Energy Tools made by The Master Of The Crystal.  An attempt and a very bad one in most cases because none of these people had the formula or process in which these tools were made.  That didn't stop them from trying to sell an inferior product.  As they were doing that they were trying to pass them off as being the same thing.  But the same thing they are not.

Since that time The Master Of The Crystal has been researching the information that has been given to her, as well as continuing to create the Original Laminar Crystal Energy Tools.  Through this reseach and information and working with many sources of Laminar Crystal it has evolved to the Premium type of Laminar Crystal.  KODAS Laminar Crystal.  There is no other like it and no other company has access to the KODAS Laminar Crystal.  It comes from a very special source that isn't available to the public.  KODAS Laminar Crystal is the SUPERIOR type of Laminar Crystal.

The Master Of The Crystal is still getting information from the "ARTIFACT" and some wonderful things are being created with that information.  More information will be shared in due time.

If you want a Laminar Crystal Energy Tool,  you want it to be made from KODAS Laminar Crystal, the SUPERIOR Laminar Crystal that no other type can compare with.








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