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INFINITE The Healers Stone

INFINITE, The Healer's Stone comes only from South Africa.  It has such a great energy about it.  If you are drawn to it you will find yourself not wanting to put it down.  The best way I can desribe it is you feel like Home in a very good way.  Any illness we manifest in our bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), will be sought out by Infinite's loving, angelic energy.  Infinite imparts strength through gentleness and tenderness.  Infinite will give a soft touch that often succeeds where a strong-and-powerful stone's breakthrough techniques will not work on an energy barrier.  It softens the pathway for the raising of the Kundalini, and clears clouded chakras.  Infinite helps to evolve one's sense of self-control, allowing one to release control over others in order to better maintain control over one's own life.  It is an enhancement to the meditative state.  Infinite is one of the great stones for self healing.  This stone has the universality, which is the energy of conscious connectedness of brotherhood.  Under usual circumstances, universality is an essence granted by spirit to anyone who is open to it.  It attunes to all the chakras and as it does it transmutes negative energies with a loving angelic energy.  Many use it for the relief of pain, using it to massage the areas of concern.  If you have a healing practice it is great to have some in your office.  To watch people respond to Infinite when we are at a show and they pick it up is a very wonderful thing.  This is a GREAT STONE!

INFINITE  The Healers Stone

Comments from users of Infinite:

"Now for my experience with Infinite.  It's wonderful!  I had a friend over one day, he has had cancer two of which Doctors have gotten rid of.  But the one in his lung is still alive, so he gasps for air when he talks.  When he got up to leave and touched the door was the first time he had to gasp for air.  He had been setting by my crystals the whole time we were visiting!!  I gave him one of my Infinite and he has been able to breath without gasping.  He carries it with him everywhere he goes."

"I had a sinus headache tonight, so I place the Infinite Stone on one of the painful spots in my face, and it immediately started loosening the blocked energy.  It's a treasure!"

"I have two bulging discs in my lower back, so I ordered several Infinite to try.  I will not go to sleep without my new stone .  I lay on it, right over the hurt discs and can sleep and wake up with very little pain.  I used to get out of bed hurting, and now I hardly hurt first thing in the morning.  These are amazing stones."


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