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Healing Spirit Candles


 Healing Spirit Candles are the best candles you can buy anywhere.  The Intuitive Blended Scents are some of the most soothing you will find.  Healing Spirit Candles are Hand Poured and not mass produced.  Healing can come in many forms and if your spirit needs some peace then relax with a Healing Spirit Candle.  Care and love go into each batch that is produced.  A product is being made that can help you and bring peace to a spirit that needs to breathe.  The scents of Healing Spirit Candles are not the type you find everywhere but are a special blended line of hand poured candles.  Whether it is a votive candle or one of our special container candles we believe you will fall in love with these scents.
It is widely accepted that the Aromatherapy we know today can trace its origins back to ancient Egypt. A medical papyri believed to date back to around 1555 BC contains remedies for all types of illnesses, and many of the methods of application described are similar to those used in Aromatherapy and herbal medicine today. One of the greatest causes of disease and problems with our health is STRESS. We are so use to it in our every day life a lot of the time we don't even realize we are stressed out. Our Healing Spirit Candles are great at helping you relax and relieve some of the stress in your life. Pay attention to the stress in your life and try to find time to relax and breathe, you will be doing yourself and everyone around you a favor.
 If you want a natural candle we provide some of the best you will find anywhere. Healing Spirit Candles are made from a special blend of Soy Base wax that is made of pure botanical oils and an all-natural complex blend of tropical plant oils that are environmentally friendly and it's biodegradeable and promotes farming. Our wicks have a cotton core and you will find these to be some of the best burning candles you will find anywhere.

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