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     One day as I was working out at my health club I noticed two elderly gentlemen walking around the indoor track. They were talking about aging when one gentleman said to the other one

           "There is nothing good about getting old."

      I couldn't agree with him more.  Even though the medical profession and the pharmaceutical companies would have you think there is nothing you can do about it.  The only thing you can do is come to us and we will give you pills to help with the effect of aging.

     Have you noticed how much advertising the pharmaceutical companies are doing with print and television?  You need this pill for this and that pill for that.  How much of their concern is about the well being and to help people?  And how much of their concern is about how many pills they are going to sell?  These are the same companies that practice extending their patents that have been in the news lately.  That way other companies couldn't make the medicine at a lower price. 

     I for one chose not to rely on companies whose main concern is the bottom line.  Let me ask a simple question.  Which will make more money?  Finding a cure for something so that a person doesn't have to go to the doctor with it or buy anymore pills. OR  simply masking the symptoms with a pill so someone will have to keep going to the doctor and keep buying the pills?

     There has been many studies and much research about aging and ways to stop or slow it.  There are many companies and products out there that claim to have the product for anti aging.  I will tell you right now there is no one product or company that has all the answers.

     There are numerous pieces of the puzzle of anti aging.  Some people have larger pieces of the puzzle then others.  Some have very big pieces of the puzzle and some have pieces that don't even go in this puzzle.

     I have been interested in and researching anti aging programs and products for over 29 years.  The last few years especially the puzzle of anti aging has been coming together at a good pace.  It is more clear then ever what road we need to take on this journey.

     They say "The proof is in the pudding."  But is seems like so many who are claiming to have the answer is refusing to show their pudding.  What I find very funny is people who are 50 pounds over weight selling products or programs to help people lose weight.  OR a person selling products or a program to slow or  stop aging, and the first question you want to ask them is WHY aren't you taking your own products, because you sure aren't aging well.

     In the year 2008 we will start sharing with you some of our pudding.  We invite you to compare our results with anyone else promoting anti aging products.  If they aren't getting younger or slowing down their aging process then HOW can they say they can slow your's down? 

     There are 9 important sections to a good anti aging program.  With these 9 sections there are numerous sub-sections to complete the best program available.  You don't have to do all the sections to help in your fight against aging.  Just doing one section will help greatly, but the more you do, the better results you will achieve. 

     We have a program and products here that will help you in your search for "The Fountain of Youth".  Through the year we will be sharing with you different parts of the program.  It is about helping people here.




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