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Super Special for Month Of  October

Power Of Eight Special


Akashic Mystic Creek Quantum Cupcake    

For the month of October  we have a special on the Akashic Mystic Creek Energy Tools. that were created by STAR BABIES LLC.  and Celestine Moon. 

These products are only offered by Celestine Moon.

Mystic Creek is truly a special place with a very special water.  When you are in the area you KNOW you are in a special area.  When you take pictures you see the mysteries of the area in some of the pictures.  Go to the Mystic Creek page on our web site and look at the pictures of the plant experiment done using Mystic Creek Water.  In the making of the Akashic Energy Products Mystic Creek Water was used.
Combine this with the Special KODAS Laminar Crystal and the Crystal Energy Technology of The Master Of The Crystal and you have the beginning of something very special.
Going through the Edgar Cayce Readings we came upon a procedure mentioned in his readings.  When this procedure was incorporated into making the Akashic Energy Products along with the special water of Mystic Creek, the special KODAS Laminar Crystal, and the special Crystal Energy Technology of StarBabies, a very special product was created.
The products can be used to treat water but another use seems to be opening up with their use.  A thing we have noticed is that how people are drawn to these when they actually pick them up.  It is hard for many to take their attention away from them.  What has also been reported is an  increase in pyschic ability.  Not everyone has reported this yet, but most have.   An increase in the knowing.  This is very exciting

On this special day this special offer is something that has never been offered before.  It is in very limited supply. 

What we offer for the very first time is the 

  Akashic Mystic Creek Quantum Cupcake

A very special product that has all the great qualities of the original Crystal Cupcake plus a lot more.  StarBabies LLC. have made a wonderful product here with the Akashic Mystic Creek Energy Tools.   

Also in the Power Of Eight Special you get 3 Original Cosmic Energy Stones, 3 Akashic Energy Stones, and 1 Akashic Energy Pyramid.  8 Powerful Pieces that you can use in a number of ways.

 Akashic Mystic Creek  Power Of Eight Special

We feel the stones work with more power in groups of 3.  This special includes 3 Original Cosmic Energy Stones and 3 Akashic Energy Stones.   1  Akashic Mystic Creek Quantum Cupcake,  1 Akashic Emergy Pyramid.   All made from the authentic Laminar Crystal or KODAS Laminar Crystal depending on the product.   Also with this special we will include a small sample bottle of the Mystic Creek Crystal Oil. 

Freight included in U.S.  

If out of U.S. contact us for price.



Using Crystal Energy Technology


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For more information on the Original Cosmic Energy Stones

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Today would be a great day to share the vision of Healing Village.  A place of Hope and Healing.     



If you love beautiful music you should go to this link below.  The music is beautiful and is a very reasonable price.  And the artist is a nice person. 



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Moonrise at the Temple of Poseidon

Seeking Truth - Touching Peace







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